Choosing The Best Fillet Knife: A Professional Guide

Our Hand-Picked Lineup Of The Top Boning Knives!

Our #1 Pick: Wusthof Classic Ikon 7-Inch Fillet Knife

Our Panel Of Knife Experts analyzed tons of Fillet Knives and concluded unanimously that the Wusthof Classic Ikon 7-Inch Fillet Knife is the best fillet knife.

Key Highlights of Wusthof Classic Ikon 7-Inch Fillet Knife:

  • Contoured handles fit nicely in your hand for a comfortable secure grip
  • High carbon German stainless steel
  • The compound tapered blade is laser tested for sharpness and the correct cutting angle.
  • Made in The Cutlery Capital of the World Solingen Germany
  • The premium construction with stable platform sharpens practically any knife seamlessly with keen precision.
  • Comfortable partial bolster give protect while allowing you to sharpen the entire blade.

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Choosing the right knife is crucial to facilitate the right filleting of meat.

You’re looking for a knife, a tool that can glide along the bones, scales and also under its skin to separate meat from those bones so that you don’t swallow the bones or scales, and can present your catch on a plate; the way it was meant to be.


There are a lot of them. You see one boning knife, and in the next moment, you see another one, seemingly better than the previous product. It is so confusing, we know.

I am Joshua, an avid Knife collector, and a knife specialist based in California, and I love to impart the knowledge I have on these topics, and in this knowledge trove about the knife sharpeners, I’ve made my best effort in enlightening one on choosing the best fillet knife out there.

Best Fillet Knife Reviews: In A Nutshell

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Before going to the different boning/fillet knife reviews and guides, allow me quickly shed some light on what a fillet knife exactly is.

(I am what people call a ‘mad knife lover.’ I love knives! So pardon me if I get too excited!)

A Fillet Knife? Another kind of knife? 

The fillet/boning knives have a narrow, sharp and usually flexible blade to glide through the bone, separating the flesh from the bones are designed for filleting, deboning and skinning meat or fish. The . Fillet knives are there so that you don’t swallow bones or scales, and only get meat and not the bones on your plate. Fillet knives can make our work easier, enjoyable and can save a few bucks by minimizing wastage.

The Lineup of the best blades. Just for you. 

Handpicked by our team of  4 culinary experts and a knife collector & specialist (Yep, that’s me!)